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Asgardried: You are not leaving me behind again.

Heimdall: You have to stay here, or we will attract unwanted attention.

Asgardried: I'm coming with you, I'll just leave my bulky clothing here.

Heimdall: Your what?

*The entry ramp lowers and a droid about the height of Heimdall made out of mithril exits, the droid is armed with a rifle over his shoulder and a two lightsabers at his belt.*

Heimdall: Let me guess you borrowed my mithril plate and made yourself a droid.

Asgardried: Yup, I got tired of being left behind. You know how rude to leave me somewhere waiting all alone? Besides I felt it was about time my minions were able to bask in my regal presence.

Heimdall: I see, and your lightsabers?

Asgardried: I borrowed a few of yours...

Heimdall to Vidar: We should have known better then making our ships this smart.

Vidar: This should be interesting, lets get going.

*The aesir follow K'Warra*

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