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Ok first off I think you caught the athmosphere of the comics pretty well and it's all decently detailed imo.
But thats also where the maps main problem kicks in. Obviously you tried to get some of the constructions seen in the comic into the map even though they were not seen in that place.
That wouldn't be bad if they were allocated more efficently...
The map is unplayable in its current state

I don't know what kind of machine you have but I'll let the picture speak for me:

notice the FPS and they don't get better as long as I look away from the house or the water.

Now what I suggest may sound a bit hefty but in my opinion it would give the map great benefits, also in regards of the whole area seeming to be clinched.
There is practically no space at all behind the tower and the grate also ruins the area.
I think you need to move most of the buildings and details that are placed infront of the tower, expand the area behind it and place it all so you can make sure FPS can be maintained at a reasonable level with vis blocking and other aids.

I could send you a few more pics of the area behind the tower that were not shown in that particular comic you propably have. (talking about the one where the AT-ATs seize the whole area).
so much for the gameplay issues, now on to the visual stuff:

lighting ain't finished yet I guess but the lowest segment is just way too dark.

Very repetive ...

hrmmm ... this side of the tower being dark? I dunno I think you should change the angle of the sun in the shader.

That building should really be accessible, maybe through an elevator that leads through the rocks to ground level ... it could server a purpose in siege/mb2.

agressive brush about to seperate from the structure and attack ! :P

all of those advertisment tables inside the tower are really out of place and annoying... especially in the briefing/dining room.

That just looks stupid :> ... I suggest you make the roof accessiable from an elevator from within the building as you did with the other one on the west side of the map.

Now the skybox and water obviously need fixing so I think I don't need to comment on that. I hope you will surround the whole map with rocks since the spots that directly blend into the portal sky look kinda dumb right now.

I still think this could come off as an awesome map since everything I didn't mention is pretty much awesome.

have you also thought about promoting the map on places such as
There sure are more experienced mappers lurking around there than here.


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