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Multiple Arm Attack!
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All good points Pahricida...

I'm sure you know how it is... you look at these things so much that eventually you can't see the wood for the trees.
I guess the reason the layout is as it is at the moment is because all I have is the first 6 Heir to the Empire comics... I hated the artwork for the other two series' so I didn't bother with them.
Thus leaving me with a few spaces to make up myself.
I'm aware the path behind the tower sort of curves around a cliff face around to the landing field where the falcon is (In the comic).
Currently, the beach area is a bit redundant, not sure what to do with it really.
Might make it a bit smaller.
As for the FPS, haven't even thought about starting to optiize the VIS portals and whatnot yet!!! LOL

Interested to hear how it plays though... (Since I only ever get the chance to play vs Bots)

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