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Originally Posted by Dark-Flux
Hi guys,
im totaly new to all this mod stuff and ive being tryin for some time to get a mod for kotor2 to work. i downloaded winzip but im not quite sure how to compress the files. could someone tell me how? cheers
In general, if a filename ends with .zip you can use WinZip to extract it.
For .rar or .7z you'll need different programs in order to extract. I'd suggest WinRar or 7-zip since either of them can open standard .zip files as well as the whole gamut of other compressions. That should take care of any errors you "might" get in the future with trying to open the file in the first place..

For the actual extracting of the mod.. it should be as simple as double-clicking said .zip, .rar or .7z file. A new window should pop up showing the contents of the compressed file. By either using the "extract" feature OR (what I do) simply drag-n-drop the contents of the file to a location on your system. I prefer the desktop just for simplicity and it's easy to find.

You'll want to work from the files/folder you extracted/dragged rather than working inside the archive itself

In any case, It's very important to read the modder's readme file

We can't stress this enough...

While many standard mods you'll just be dropping the files into your game's override folder.. many of us use the TSL Patcher which is a whole new ball-game.. hehehe. You'll know if it's a patcher version if you see an .exe file and a folder called tslpatchdata. DON'T just drop these files into your override.. bad things will happen. Instructions should be documented in the modder's readme file.. hence the importance of this little priceless gem of a document

For Compressing, most of the programs include a shell command. Just right-click on any blank area on your desktop and there should be a function you can click to "create new archive" (or something of that nature). Click that function and you'll get a generic named file which you can rename appropriately.

To add files to the archive. Double-click it. Now you can use either the 'add files' function or (again, like me) just drag-n-drop the files/folders you wish to add to your archive into the archive's main window. A context menu will generally pop-up asking you for compression rates, blah blah. Simply clicking OK will compress at standard settings...

If you are still unclear about extracting/compressing, just let us know and we can try to explain it in a different way

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