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Most ideas and beliefs are inherently neutral. The concepts of good and evil only apply when people use these ideas to further their own agendas and goals.
So it's not wrong for me to think that, say, all Kurds should be killed and write a book about it? It's only when someone acts on the book that my view is no longer neutral?

Religion does two things. It offers people guild lines on living and relating to people around them.
So much for its neutrality.
It also offers a hope that when death comes there is something better awaiting them.
And, in many religions' cases, that most of the world's populace is being brutally tortured or otherwise punished after death. Maybe I'm biased as a member of a humanitarian organization, but that philosophy does not appeal to me.

Of course I'd like for there to be something else after death, preferably good ole reincarnation. But I don't think going around and believing in such a phenomenon does anything good for you, as it means that you risk failing to live this life to its full potential.

It's like buying a cell phone. If I told you that you can have one cell phone in your life and that's it, you'd probably take better care of it than if you got a free one that was ten times better when you wore out or "lost" your first one, right? Of course Christianity and most other mythologies have anti-suicide systems (such as Christianity's condemnation of all suicide victims to Hell), but still, I think such a belief makes this world seem more dull and unenjoyable.

It offers a hope that all of the trials and tribulations that we have endured in this life amount to something (...)
If you need that kind of affirmation from a book, you're not doing enough with your life.

I'm with the Red Cross visitation service. I'm a past volunteer at a Houstonian animal shelter and at my past school's volunteer organization. I've signed up as a volunteer at an annual camp for burn victims next year.

Does that amount to something? For the animals we saved at the shelter, yes. For the person I'm going to help as a visitor, yes.

If you feel your life amounts to nothing, then go do something with it.

Ignore the fundamentalists who whine about creationism vs. evolution. If you want to see what a real Christian looks like (...)
True Scottsman argument. Timothy McVeigh was as Christian as that random charity guy.

look at the people who work the missionary homes in the third world countries doing the work that the nations of the world canít be bothered to do. Its that whole help the poor and sick thing.
While forcing their religion down their throats.

Lots of organizations, ICRC being one, are involved in the third world. It's not like atheists don't care and the friendly Christians have to do all the dirty work.

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