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Originally Posted by DocNebula
Okay. I got through this game twice a few years ago, and have forgotten how to get past that next to last deck on the Star Forge -- you know, the one where you have to fight all the robots, and the computers keep making more of them. I have plenty of spikes, but I cannot figure out how to trigger on the computers while I am in combat mode. What am I missing? Is there some way to turn off combat mode? Is there a cheat? As long as the robots are chasing me, I cannot activate the computers, and it's driving me insane. How do I get past this? Please tell me. I've done it once, but I simply cannot find a way to be able to get to the computers as long as I'm in combat mode.
2 things.
1.) This is the wrong forum for questions about the original KotOR. This forum is for TSL.

EDIT: LOL doctor beat me to it.

2.) In order to trigger the computer interface you must cancel combat (disengage I think) and then attempt to access the interface.

Hope this helps.
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