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The 2004/2005 DVD sets have some color timing problems, so they may make the TIEs appear other colors (though there were actually some blue ones in ESB and ROTJ though), but originally they were shades of gray (the models were the same color, the brightness on your display affects how they look though). Many scenes appear too dark, or have a blue or green tint to them that was not there originally (also many normally red or orange explosions now appear bright orange or even pink/violet, and don't even get me started on the lightsabers or skin tones).

Compare your old VHS/LaserDiscs, screen stills from pre-2004, and the bonus discs of the new 2006 set (which are supposed to be the "theatrical versions" from 1993, possibly an oxymoron, but still, point is they are pre-SE CG/Lowry Digital muck ups).

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