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(Sigh) I lost one of the sigs someone made for me a looonngggg time ago and its was a cool one. Computer got reformat.

It had this pic in the middle (a little bit smaller):

and it had that matrix code running at its sides (left of pic and right). It also had the name "NeoVenom" with this cool effect of like a light was shinning thru it from back from right to left. "NeoVenom" was in white and had a green glow around it. The name was at the upper left hand corner of the middle pic. Tried looking for it in the previous post it was in and when I did find the post, the image is no longer up. Anyone who has free time wanna give this sig a shot? I know it sounds really complicated but someone actually did it.

Here's the code pic:

It was repeated to take up the height of the pic like this:

Here's a rough idea of how it looked:

Just stack two codes on top of each other and join them with the picture and add the name at the upper left hang corner (not overlapping the code pic). You can make the name like how I mention it b4 (with the light effect) or u can just have the name have this green glowing effect around "NeoVenom". Thanks a lot and much appreciated.

EDIT: I resized the pic so it can match the height of the two codes stacked on top of each other. Hope my description of the sig helps.

P.S - I would attempt to do it myself but I don't have the program to do gif images...I use too though. LoL

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