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Before the Sith Hunters could split up any more than that, a pair of the more trained Dark Jedi under Darth Tepe's rule stepped up to the landing pad. However, by then Kin and Raek had already vanished from the pad.

"Our Lord has waited for you. You seek the jedi Danni. She waits you in the manor. Our troops have given the order to give a straight passage there for you. Once you get to the town square, turn left and follow the lines of commrcial buildings. At the end of that road, you will find a large, white building. That is the manor. Our Lord also waits for you there" the dark jedi said before bowing and leaving the landing pad and going back to their missions of clearing the city of civilians. If the Sith Hunters would've come any later, they would've seen the civilian population being marched out of the city and kept guard with a whole division. It would be a fight between the Light and the Dark, not one with civilians confused in it all.

A group of Sith Dominion Cloud Cars(Modified, of course) flew over the city on patrol of any civilian contacts and if they found any, in a few minutes a modified Imperial Flying Fortress was moving for the location. It was amazing how well such a chaos was organized. You could see Darth Tepe had chosen wisely on his commanders and wasn't probably such a bad strategist himself either. Right as the Sith Hunters got to the square infront of the landing pad with an empty info desk and a few stores there and a map to show where everything was, a large rumbling noise came towards them. First a pair of kids ran past them, laughting as they had done something to annoy the soldiers and then a Flying Fortress followed them with a couple of older model All Terrain Recon Transports followed. It was indeed much like a conquered city, even if the Sith Dominion would leave the city soon for now. Soldiers marched around, speeders swooshed by and modified speeders for troop transporting went around with or without troops in them. Cloud cars flew over every now and then and a few building were being extinguished as fires had been started to drive the invaders off. It was, however, quite amazing to see how Sith Dominion medics would help civilian wounded and carry the dead civilians away with sorrow. If not before, now it would finally hit the sith Hunters: Tepe was not fighting against the people. He was fighting against the regime.

Darth Tepe quietly looked at the city from the balcony of the manor. He sighed and smiled at the as peaceful victory as it had been. For a Sith, he wasn't that bloodthirsty of a conqueror. He turned to Danni and straightened himself. He had gotten rid of the helmet once again and now stood there with a smile on his face.

"This planet shalt be yours and the fleet that soon arrives will be yours if you take me on my offer. You will be weaker than Kaoin, but as long as you have a good strategic mind, you will have victory from any enemy. You are free to change your commanders as you like, but do not disappoint me, for I will be ruthless even towards you if you deserve it. As soon as I get my Sith Space, the war will start and you can take control of your own conquering armies. However, all action towards Ossus and Coruscant are forbidden until I state so" he said and then turned to the door where a lieutenant came in.

"The Sith Hunters have arrived, sire" he said and bowed.
"Good, good... I shall meet them in the lobby. Make the arrangements" Tepe said and nodded.
"Yes, sire" the Lieutenant said, bowed again and left, closing the door.
"So, my new apprentice, your 'friends' have arrived. I will send a new tunic and robes for you, but hurry as the Hunters are already near and I itch to introduce th new yout to them" he asked and walked tothe door, stepping out and nodding to the droid outside who held a neatly folded pile of clothes for the woman inside. he droid went inside to help her dress while the Dark Lord made way for the balcony above the Lobby where he could greet the Hunters.

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