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I too have no real preferance.

In my mind, I like the old Blue Box set from the early 90's best, but I don't mind it being cleaned up and better sound. But some of the scenes, like Greedo shooting first, and Young Anikin at the end of RotJ has got to go.
Same with the sound mixing in atleast ANH from the 2004 DVD release.
In my mind, the mixing is not done right, or you have to have a THX system to hear it propperly. Cause you are not supposed to have to turn down your volume from normal when the Falcon exits Hyperspace at Alderaan, just so you won't rumble down everything you got on your walls and tables. And then you have to turn up your sound from what you normally listen to to get the same sound/music volume (and thus the feeling I love that particulary peice) when the Falcon is pulled into the Death Star hangars.
The opening scene is also been changed in the later releases, I prefered the original mix, both sound-wise and music-wise. Music is not powerfull enough, and the same with the sound actually. There used to be a calmness higtning your anticipation of what was about to happen, before all hell broke loose as the Tantive IV flew past the camera (only a faint engine sound in the background indicating something is about to happen), which was perfect for the scene if you ask me.

Anyway, I'm rambling again.

I like some aspects of the newer releases, and dislike others, and preferably I enjoy the old ones better, preferable the Blue Box set (I suppose that's the 1995 release?).

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