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They're no crappier than any previous version released on the home market that I know of. These should be as good as the best LaserDisc pre-1997 versions.

You can always rent 'em and see for yourself, of course.

Oh, and what do you mean by "faces" edition? Is that just because of the box art? I don't think that warrants the name... just 1995 version seems fine.
Yes, that's just because of the box art, but then I've seen many other fans refer to it that way. I put it in quotes because it was not an official title, just what fans call it. The other covers were based on the original movie posters. These sets used photocollages consisting of a closeup of a face (Yoda for ROTJ, Vader for ANH and a Stormtrooper for ESB) and then some other stuff in the background (ships, fights).

Before the internet my friends just called it the "THX Enhanced Trilogy" because that's what it was marketed as. Back then we didn't have a half a dozen versions to worry about.

It's funny, now people are referring to the "OUT" (Original Unaltered Trilogy.. which sounds more clever than OOT-- Original Original Trilogy, sort of like calling the 2004 editions "Special Edition: the Special Edition" or SESE!).

Blame Lucas.

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