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Kaoin made his way across the croweded street with Jsrai to the Golden Palace Hotel. They walked in the plastisteel sliding doors and made quickly for the turbolift. They walked out of the turbolift and headed for the first of the two State rooms on that floor.

Kaoin nodded to Jsrai, who knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" A voice inquired from inside the door.

Jsrai nor Kaoin answered.

"Who is it?" The voice asked, more intesively.

Again, no answer.

"God, if it's those festering kids again I'll kill 'em!" The voice opened the door. It was the described pirate in the communique Jalax. Jsrai punched the man in the nose and turned him around. He pulled his vibroknife out and, while putting his hand over the man's mouth so no noise would eminate, slit his throat. Jsrai picked the man up and slid him inside the room.

It was a large room, the foyer to 3 more. Kaoin and Jsrai immediately looked up from the dead man and saw the Senator open the door and walk out.

"Jalax. Get me a cup of....." The man gasped at the sight of the dead man.

Kaoin jumped the remaining ten feet to the man with theh force and shoved his knife into his stomach, putting his hand over his mouth. The Senator from Aldereen made a half-moaning half-gasping noise as he slumped to the floor, dead.

"Let's go. We're done here." Kaoin said as he sheathed his vibroknife and unholstered his blaster.

They walked out into the hall as a middle-aged man walked out of the other apartment. Kaoin put his blaster to the fore and fired, taking the man in the chest.

"Let's go, before they send people up."

They walked to the turbolift and punched the button for the ground level.


Raek crouched down and sprinted for covering inside a deserted well-kept house. As the patrol passed by, Raek used the force to make a sound that only the troopers heard and they ran towards the direction.

Raek walked out of the building and around the corner of it. A somewhat large, out of the way building was situated between the plaza near the entrance to the manor and the landing pad. Raek Net'ka'din walked silently to the door, crouching when he got next to it, and felt inside the building with the Force for anyone in there. He felt three people, two Stormtroopers, and one civilian. Opening the door slowly, he peeked in, and, ascertaining that there was no one in the immediate room, sneaked inside. Raek took two long quiet strides to the next door leading into the building that was ajar. From there he could see the people inside. One trooper was sitting down at a table, cleaning his rifle, blaster next to him on the table; the other was pacing back and forth, mumbling something inaudible. The hostage was tied up on the ground with a pair of binds. Raek shut his eyes, and made a book from the bookshelf in his room fall off. One of the troopers cocked his head, and said he was going to go check it out to the other one.

Raek got on the other side of the door as the stormtrooper opened it. He took the hilt of the saber as the trooper closed the door and bashed him in the head. He grabbed him as he fell to the floor and laid him down softly. He relieved the soldier of his blaster rifle and set it to high stun.

"Kal?" The trooper said, hearing the initial blow. "You all right?"

Raek opened the door in a hurry and shot the man with a stun blast before he could react. He hurried over to the civilian and took out his saber, severing the binds. She stood up and ran for the door, running outside.

Raek shrugged and put his lightsaber back on his belt. He walked over to the main door and poked his head out. Finding Kin he motioned him to come in.

As Kin arrived, Raek said, "Check around the upstairs of the house. Make sure no one else is here that I missed."

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