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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Y'know, atheists really must have all the answers. Any Bible stories or tales of the Prophet Mohammed must really be no more real than Tolkian or Rowling. They really must be so super intelligent that because they cannot grasp the jump of logic that is religion it must not be real. They must also be some of the most misrible unhopeful people in the world as they have nothing to look to, no faith to follow or any source to lift themselves up when times are bad.
Atheists/agnostics don't pretend to know everything like religious people do. Religious people are the ones who are absolutely 100% certain that they're going to heaven to see their lord and their family and everyone else is going to hell.

I'm an atheist... do I know what happens after death? Nope, no clue. But do I worry about burning in hell? Nope. We don't know everything and we likely never will. Is there life on other planets? No clue. Maybe, maybe not. No proof so we can't say for certain, but it's a possibility. Is the universe infinite? That's disputed as well.

The difference is that pretty much every evangelical you talk to will have a definitive answer for any question, other than "where did god come from?"
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