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((Whoa, whoa! No need for screaming competitions! Tepe, has it ever occurred to you that you might overreact just slightly when people make little mistakes? My suggestion? Relax a bit before you pop a blood vessel in your brain and die... nobody here can read minds and the Alderaan/Aldereen messup is a simple one...

Oh, and I'm the one that talked about not being Jedi And we aren't Jedi... but we don't go about killing everybody either. Even the Sith Hunters have a sort of 'code of honor' that the will not violate. ))

Riebe followed the Dark Jedi to the Manor and her thoughts strayed to Danni. Though they had come for the young Jedi, Riebe knew they would not find her. As they entered the Manor, Riebe saw her suspicions were confirmed. The young woman waiting there for them was dressed completely in black, even down to black gloves. Her hands were clasped casually behind her back.

"Welcome to the Manor," she said quietly. "If you are looking for Danielle Bayers, you are too late."

"I know that," Riebe answered. "What is your name?"

The girl that was once Danielle Bayers allowed a grin to surface on her face. "I am Charna*."

((Charna comes from a Slavic word that means 'dark'.))

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