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Of course, that's entirely Lucas's fault for wanting to set TPM 30 years before ANH with Anakin as a little kid.

Most of us conceived of Anakin was a young man in his 20's when he "turned to evil" (about Luke's age) and then the original trilogy took place about forty years later.

Anyway, had Lucas really been consistent, he should have put Hayden in "middle age makeup" instead of just showing him as a 21 year old (complete with his male model haircut) and then making up some BS about a residual self image (that meant he got to shove his youthful prettyboy looks in the faces of Obi-Wan and Yoda for all eternity or something, heh).

Commander Obi-Wan is 15...
Then I rest my case. I thought somebody said he was older, I misunderstood.

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