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To those who own the new DVDs - How is the Sound?

I have a question for anyone with the new "Limited Edition" 2006 sets: How is the sound?

Specifically, in the "theatrical version" DVDs you have, how do the lines go?

Does Luke say to R2D2 (ESB) "You're lucky you don't taste very good" or does he say "You were lucky to get out of there" ?

Do the Stormtroopers say both "Close the Blast Doors" AND "Open the Blast Doors" in the scene in Star Wars where they are chasing Han and company through the corridors?

In the same movie, do the Stormtroopers, while looking for the doors in Mos Eisley say "the door's locked, move along to the next one" or "it's secure, move along to the next one"?

In the space battle over the Death Star, does Luke say "Blast it BIGGS where are you" or does he say "Blast it WEDGE where are you"?

In Return of the Jedi, when Han is about to shoot the tentacle wrapped around Lando's leg by the Sarlacc, does he say "Don't worry... trust me" or "Don't worry, I can see a lot better"?

Do we hear the "Force theme" fanfar as the X-Wings attack the Death Star for the first time? (after Red Leader says " start our attack run.." iirc).

Thanks in advance!

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