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Dagobahn Eagle said about ramming religion down people's throats. I think a better way of looking at it is to say that we shouldn't force beliefs down people's throats. Whether you are religious or not, atheist, whatever, slamming people who don't believe the same things you do and trying to make others believe what you do only serves to margenalise what you believe. Michael Moore and him speaking out against America at the Oscers is a good example, as his act made him the subject of scorn for many and served to cast those opposed to war in Iraq in a negative light.

Just on religion, there's the belief that Islam is terrorism. Bull****. Islam is not terrorism; hijacking planes, car bombings, suicide bombings, in short any act that us used to cause terror is terrorism. And why do people such as Al Qaeda commit terrorist acts? One of the reasons they give is to force the world into their version of Islam, which is not really Islam at all but racism, intolerance and hypocracy. Like I said, forcing your beliefs on others damages that belief, not promotes it.
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