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Darth Tepe entered the scene from the shadows still in his Sith Armor. It was rare to see any force-user to use an armor nowadays unless it was truly necessary as in Darth Vader's case.

"Welcome to Ruusan, Sith Hunters of young and old. You are here to collect, am I correct? But who are you here to collect? Danni or me? Or maybe both. All of us know you won't escape here alive if you kill me, so why did you bother? Killing me isn't going to help you to destroy the Dominion. I have assembled my plan and launched it. You will die before the war has ended, if you are lucky enought for it" Tepe said and grinned, eyes burning yellow. As a speeder stopped by the door and the ommander and two soldiers came inside, avoiding the Sith Hunters, the grin vanished ever so slightly. The soldiers walked past the group and to their Lord before the Commander bowed.

"Sire, the civilians are outside. We have the Medical Company taking care of the wounded. We are ready to leave for the Battleship at your command"
"Good... Double the patrols and withdraw any troops who are not patrolling or watching the civilians. Withdraw even the Flying Fortresses"
"Yes, sire" the commander said before he and the soldiers turned and left swiftly while Tepe got back to the Hunters.

"Indeed... Why have you come...? Of course. Nobody calls you Sith Hunters for nothing. Let me rephrase my question: Why do you think you can Hunt me? Do you not think I am different from the others you have killed? I am a mastermind, my friends! I have driven you from your strongest allies, making them hunt you like beasts! I have framed you for the slaughtering of the Council and I have made the Senate weak of fear. You hunt me for the pleasure of it an frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn" he said and placed his hands on his lightsaber hilts in case they would decide to start a fight.


The commlink of Kaoin's beeped as a message arrived. The hologram of the Grand Admiral flashed infront of him and saluted.
"Change of plans. You are to take Kamino and Rothana. By force if necessary. Your fleet and armies will wait you on the orbit of Kamino with a mercenary onboard of your flagship. He will be the Prime Clone for our new strike force. The Dark Lord himself will arrive there as soon as he is finished on Ruusan" the Grand Admiral said, bowed and then vanished from his sight before the lift reached the bottom.

((Edited to add some action for Kaoin))

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