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Originally Posted by ImpElite
First of all, welcome to the forums!

And about the Orbital Bombardment, I thought they did it like it should/would be, if you could annihilate the ground forces on the map you would just need capital ships to capture a planet, you wouldn't need ground forces because you could just bombard the crapola out of the planet you know?
Ok, thanks! I know it makes far more sense game-wise, and it looks cool, but on the galactic map I was thinking it could be another option if you had a 'big' fleet, i.e. 2 + ISDs, or the Executor.

I suppose I was basing my hopes on the Thrawn story about Camaas (sp?), and thinking the planet-wide option would only happen late in a GC game, so as to curb the Empire's 'move fleet, decimate, repeat' scenario when playing against the computer.

I doubt the Rebels would do this, but it fits with the Empire's brute-force scenario.
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