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I am indeed. And not just current religions.
From the 1000s of slaves killed by the egyptians, to the wars between the various pre-bible religions, to the child sacrifices of the Moabites.. through to the 100,000 witches burnt, the 9million killed in the crusades, the 50,000 Hugonauts massacred by french catholics on st bartholomew's day, all the other protestant vs catholic wars in england, france (2-4million in total), spain, ireland, etc.. , all those killed in the first islamic civil war and all the sunni vs shia violence since, the 2000-4000 killed in palestine, to the 3,000 killed on 9/11, the blacks and gays killed by the KKK and other religious folk, to the poor 15 year old girl executed in iran for promiscuity.

(and that doesn't even include god wiping out the entire population of soddom, or infact the whole population of the earth with a flood. )

I'd put the death toll due to religion in the billions. I'm not sure any amount of charity or "making people feel happy" can make up for that much harm.

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