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Dominik stood up from his seat and shook his head. There definately wasn't much intel for this mission, but he'd gone in on much less before. Heading out to his quarters, Dominik met up with Amanda in the hallway.

"Dominik, its good to see you. I just arrived, but I here that we're about to head out yet again. What's the story?" Amanda asked.

"Viva Mexico!" Dominik replied in perfectly accented Spanish.

Amanda smiled. "I see that your Spanish is improving. Good; well, I'll go get the files we need for the mission and try to pull up any intell. When do we leave?"

"1 hour; so, you'll have to be quick about it," Domink replied.

"Very well. I'll see you on the plane," Amanda said as she smiled at Dominik. With a quick exchange of kisses on the cheeks, the pair split in opposite directions as they moved down the hallway. Arriving at his room, Dominik slipped inside.

Just inside was his lone equipment crate. Breathing in a bit deep, Dominik knew that he was going to have to fill it up with every last peice of equipment he had. That also meant that there was a lot of cleaning to get done on his weapons. Heading over the gun cabinet, Dominik fumbled around a bit with his keys before he found the right one.

Putting in the key, Dominik turned it while pressing his left hand against a small pad. A green LED came on at the top of the cabinet, and Dominik was finally able to open it. Inside was a slightly disassembled OICW, two SIG P250 pistols, and his trusty Barrett rifle. There was also a large assortment of empty ammunition magazines and boxes of ammunition stored in a section below the main gun area.

Taking the OICW parts first (the 20mm grenade launcher was still unattached to the main rifle component), Dominik carefully set the two components onto a table next to the cabinet. Pulling out a cleaning kit from his pocket that he kept on him at all times, Dominik then got to work on fully disassembling all of his weapons and thoroughly cleaning them as per his custom before a mission.

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