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Title: Loboto loves Oleander
Fandom: Psychonauts
Rating: G-men
Notes: You guys made me do this, you guys and your crazy pairing ideas. That and I decided this would be a good time to write about my favorite evil duo. Loboto and Oleander never really interact in the game and that made me sad. One's a madman and one's being driven mad, why isn't Schafer's amazing genius being applied?

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Loboto loves Oleander, more precisely, Loboto loves Oleander's brain. But now he can't do anything about it. Right now he was to poke and prod camper's brains in some silly plot to take over the world or such but Loboto doesn't really care. He's waiting for the day he will be able to poke and prod Oleander's brain.

This newfound desire came to him when he heard Oleander explaining the take-over of Lungfisholplis under the guise of Kochamara before moving on to describe the inner workings of the ultimate terror he was going to wreck upon the world, otherwise known as the Brain Tumbler.

This was indeed one crazy man.

But Loboto had simply sat in his crooked chair, slowly rocking one leg back and forth all the while thinking, as he found himself oft doing. He couldn't take out Oleander's brain right now-otherwise they won't be able to conquer the earth and all of this world-conquering will be good research for his experiments. So he waits through these long, often pointless discussions Oleander always feels is needed. In fact, Oleander was sitting him through one right now complaining about the elevator guard (Crispin was it?) and how he should be able to go freely up and down the tower whenever he damn well feels like it.

Loboto is pleased despite all of this. Pleased to be taking out people's brains, watch over asylum patients and tell Sheegor what to do. Things like this are very pleasing and to be thinking about them right now, makes him so happy he feels like hugging himself but stops, realizing how ridiculous he will look.

So when Oleander breaks his long-winded speech in order to organize some out of order notes, Loboto jumps up to embrace him in a tight, too-friendly hug.

Oleander is so pleased he forgets all about the speech.

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