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Strider could only smile, the blade of his lightsaber igniting. He made no move to be aggressive, however, and merely held it on.

"You're right - it is for our own pleasure. We are not bound by law or Jedi pacifism, but by or own law, our own codes. The Sith Hunters are a completely different breed of Force users," Strider finally replied.

"The Sith Hunters were never one for permanent allies, and the Jedi were just a temporary, long term investment in our attempts to suppress the Sith," He paused, then continued, "We were in no way using the Jedi as a means to kill Sith, but merely, helping them defend against the lures of the Dark Side, to lower the rate of defections to the Dark Jedi."

Finally, he wrapped up his response to Tepe, stating, "I've already seen through this scheme of yours Tepe. By creating their animosity for the Sith Hunters, you are causing them to give in to their hate and anger, thus eventually foreshadowing the fall of the Jedi and their conversion to the Dark Side. If it had not been now, it would had been then, after they had been turned, that they would have turned against us."

Strider stepped forward, then asked, his tone almost as if he already knew the answer,

"You've been planning the removal of the Sith Hunters from the beginning...haven't you?"

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