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Well, I justed started playing the game today. I rented yesterday. Though, I sort of want to buy it. I may in the future.

So far, I enjoy it quite a bit. The gameplay is better than the first one so far. The graphics are clear (on the PS2, at least). It's just so addicting for the first while you play it. Though, it sure helps that it is an OT for the newer consoles.

I've played the first three levels. Many becuase I've been collecting coins and bonus pieces for all the levels.

The first level is played on the Tantive IV and you fight against Darth Vader and his boarding party. It's quite an easy level. Very straightforward. Plus tons of coins to collect on it.

After you complete that you go to the Dune Sea on Tatooine. You can play as Ben and Luke. This one is a bit longer and more difficult than the first one. You have to board a sandcrawler and complete some adjectives. And once you complete those you ahve to go defeat some stormies. Then your finished.

Finally, the third levels is the Mos Eisley Spaceport. It is also the same level you play in the demo. It also is a little more difficult if you don't now what your doing, but it's much more action-packed compared the Dune Sea level. You finally face a boss, though he isn't that difficult to best.

The next level is on the Death Star. And you have to go find the princess.

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