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Originally Posted by Rust_Lord
Why the hell would you bother showing it if it isnt accurate to what we will receive in game? Sorry Wedge, Petroglyph doesnt 'kinda rock like that'.
My comment referred to the way they've made each faction's bombardment represent the faction in question.
It's a lame marketing ploy. Forget the hype, just show us what we will really get: its like advertising and promoting a sports car with V8 and then releasing it with only a 4 or 6 cylinder engine.
If you only saw a "prototype" car with a V8 when the design was still under development and then the version of the car that hit the market was a V6, you probably wouldn't complain too much. After all, your first look was only when it was a prototype, before the team had finished working on it, before the car company had shifted its goals to meet the market, etc.

Two things:

1) Forces of Corruption is still in development. There's no reason why the bombardment shown couldn't have been an early version of the code. They programmed in the bombardment but hadn't optimized or balanced it yet--they were just showing it off in its early stages.

2) They were trying to show off what a bombardment looks like. Just like they tweaked the Executor to show off what the Executor blowing up looks like. They weren't necessarily even trying to show you exactly what you are going to get. That wasn't the point!

E3 is for showing off what's in development, not what final products look like.

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