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Jack was thinking about Vanir's suggestion for a second. "'The roof sounds like a good idea." He finally responded. "I'll plant some explosives once we get inside. It'll be a sort of 'returning favour' for sending that rancor." He paused and looked at the palace.

After carefully examing the guards on the roof, he continued discussing the plan."The rooftop guards shouldn't be a problem I'll deal with them. You two should start interrogating that slimy Hutt right away, if he has vital information, we need it." He continued and was aware of K'Nala's reaction to the last suggestion. "I know you're dying to do some torturing K'Nala, I have complete confidence in you that you'll rip the information out of that big fat skull of his."

"Can't think of a better person for the job either. If a Dark Jedi isn't capable of squeezing the information out of that Hutts big fat skull...then who is?"
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