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going back to damage meters and such..
to an extent you do need one.

but who says it has to be a meter?
anybody ever remember the old destruction derby series on the PS1..
I know this is a bit off the wall but hear me out :P

why not use a model of a body..
where say a certain limb gets attacked the shading on the model will go from looking a light green to slightly darker until red.. and then obviously you lose the limb or die.

which could be healed by a limited amount of force power, but only to half of its usual strength.
so your character would lose strength making certain saber styles in effective and acrobatics and combat sloppy, therefore the character is more prone to making mistakes, or losing saber locks etc.
that way it eliminates the annoyance of a health bar to a certain extent,
and also adds to the point of being to cut of limbs and live..
usually if someone cuts your hand off your not gunna die straight away.

it would also add a good layer of development to your character :P try to get through the game with all your fingers and toes intact. lol

and yes this is my first post just to make a statement :P
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