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Originally Posted by Rust_Lord
Why the hell would you bother showing it if it isnt accurate to what we will receive in game? Sorry Wedge, Petroglyph doesnt 'kinda rock like that'. It's a lame marketing ploy. Forget the hype, just show us what we will really get: its like advertising and promoting a sports car with V8 and then releasing it with only a 4 or 6 cylinder engine. PG is only lining itself up to receive complaints from people who don't see the information on sites like this, who see promo clips, buy the game and wonder why things are different. But what does PG care, as long as they bought the game, which will end up needing patch after patch to get it right.... no false advertising please PG.
Pretty much all software companies I've ever heard of do it this way. A demonstration video is there to show the fans what the feature in question looks like, not decimal-specific representation of exactly how it will look in the finished game.

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