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AI and FoC's new features

I like playing Galactic Conquest scenarios a lot, but so far I've just played against the computer. Like everyone else, I find the AI pretty stupid on the galactic maps, even on "Hard" difficulty. In Empire at War, I've noticed that the AI seems not to do the following things:

- advance on the tech tree
- upgrade space stations beyond level 3 or so
- build level 4 starships
- build smugglers or bounty hunters

So, with the introduction of the much more interactive Galactic Map for the Zann Consortium and advanced features like the base layout screens, will we see a new, improved AI that's actually smart enough to take advantage of corruption, reinforce its positions, deploy base defenses intelligently, and actually pose a threat to a human player? The best I've seen so far is an AI that invests heavily in A-Wings/TIE Scouts and is incredibly vulnerable to pincer attacks on the galactic map.

I'm hoping the Forces of Corruption AI will use the new features to the fullest. I want a more exciting fight!

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