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Yes, I'm talking exclusively about the english language track of the "bonus disc" theatrical versions. Like many of us here, I already own the 2004 versions, so they are 100% identical to the ones you folks who bought the new set have.

The only difference between the 3 movies on the four disc widescreen set I have now and the 2006 set you just bought is that your discs have a big "FBI" logo on the front and copyright warning, and the "number" logo is in gold (instead of silver) and you have the words "widescreen" across the top (this is all on the face design of the disc, our's is basically just the image, the title with the silver roman numerals and tiny white text for the basic copyright info).

The 2004 content has not changed in any way. I'm not asking about that, but the NEW stuff.. that is, the theatrical versions.

Please, enlighten us folks that don't have it yet so we know what we're getting...

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