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Originally Posted by Darth Gamer
Hey does anyone know how to get past the room with the two stormtroopers directly in front of the door as soon as you walk in. I have to avoid all remnant forces (Cairn Dock level) but i tried mind trick and ducking past them, but the guy in the glass shield room keeps raising the alarm straight away. Its the room with the secret area up in the small vent in the roof corner before the door (past the second electrical pipe things). thanks.
I have finally figured it out!!! What you need to do is, what I said before about the turning off the lights etc. Just before you turn them off look down to the other side of the room (other end where the glassed off area is) and you will see a door. When you have turned the lights off jump down and go as fast as you can across to the door and open it up. It is a two way door and you must then open another door behind it. As soon as you open the second door, save your game asap. On the other side are two officers. One is easy to kill, the other runs off quickly to set off the alarm. I found that as sson as I killed the first officer jump striaght ahead over the crates about half way across. It like a maze of crates and the other officer is in there. If your fast enough you will catch and kill him and get the security key. Hope this gets you through....
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