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'I will never be safe...' Tepe contacted to Riebe as the Sith Hunters left and stood up straight, relaxing and deactivating his lightsabers. As he placed the hilts on his belt, the Commander came back, again walking past the Hunters and to his Lord.

"Sire, most of the troops have been withdrawn. The only patrolling units are currently airborne with a simple lightly armed scout company to back them up. The civilians are still outside but now ready to be taken back into the city. The other troops are currently transporting to the Battleship" the commander said and bowed. Tepe nodded and looked at Charna.
"How about the fleet, commander?" he asked, turning back to see the soldier.
"Arriving shortly, sire. I just recieved word that there are currently a smaller fleet arriving right behind them to conquer the planet while the larger is reserved for Lady Charna" the Commander answered and looked at Charna.
"Good. Let the civilians inside, withdraw the patrols and let the Sith hunters pass. Your soldiers will not beat them. We leave as soon as possible. Contact the ships to set course for Kamino and to let the Ragnarok to leave the planet peacefully" the Dark Lord said and the commander bowed before walking away to fulfill his commands. Tepe turned to Charna and nodded in approval.

"You did better than I expected. We willnow travel to the cloning facilities of Kamino where we will meet your fellow apprentice and initiate the making of a small police force for the conquered planets. I will travel with you onboard the Battleship while my Sphere will fly solo there accompanied by your fleet. We may go throught some questions while in hyperspace, including your wish for a command ship and the colour of your new lightsaber or how you wish to modify your fleet. I wiash you to be honest and direct to me, even if I am your master. The Sith Dominion will be a Meritocracy and your words and actions will have effects in how I make my decisions on things. Once we have made it clear to the Republic we mean business and have taken both Kamino and Rothana, both of you, my apprentices, will have a word in should we continue the war or not. But even if we continue, Ossus will not be a target unless I give clear orders on it. Now go off to your shuttle and fly it to the Battleship. I will meet you there" Darth Tepe said and left outside to meet a group of soldiers wearing the prototypes of the new police force armors. He smiled and nodded before everyone loaded on a speeder and left for the battleship. Meanwhile the sandstorm gave way and the Interdictor and his Meditation Sphere came to view if you knew where to look. They would leave for space as soon as the Ragnarok had left and the fleets had arrived.


Meanwhile, near Kamino, a part of Kaoin's fleet jumped out of hyperspace while the other part went for Rothana. Fighters poured out of the hangars to escort and make way for he dropships that started the First Battle of Kamino of this new war. The conquest would be swift unless a Republic outpost had been created there at some point. On the bridge of the Sith's flagship stood a lone mercenary and the future of the Sith Dominion police forces: Andra Grilios. He was to become first of all the prime clone and then the Head of SDPF (Sith Dominion Police Forces) once it was done. He was a man from Corellia with large records of well done hits on very important targets.

He would train stealth and how to use the agility of a human being to it's full extent while mandalorians would be hired to make sure the clones would be good soldiers when it came to fighting large forces of enemies. Also, the force-sensitiveness of the Prime clone and injections of midichlorians, based on the research made by the Empire when at it's peak, would mean they were to be trained in lightsaber combat to be able in fighting jedi. Now especially that Ruusan was under the Dominion control, they would slowly start mass-producing lightsabers with Ruusan crystals that would even more enhance the connection with the force of the Police Force troops.

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