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The Adventures of Jaden Lennon

To join, please post here. Also for those who are first posting, you can start wherever you like. The first few posts of mine shall be copied from the Fic. Enjoy.


The Adventures of Jaden Lennon

Looking back, Jaden Lennon, now known as the Exile, didn’t regret his choices of going to war. The Republic needed help and Jaden knew that the Jedi Order wouldn’t help them, until it was too late. The transport ship arrived at the entrance of the Jedi Temple, the sanctuary for all the Jedi and once Jaden. Instead of immediately getting on, Jaden took one last look at what was once his home. Now he knew that it would be a place where none of the Jedi Masters would wish to see him again.

“Come on!” The pilot shouted at Jaden, “I haven’t got all day!”

The pilot beeped his horn impatiently. Jaden sighed, picking up his suitcase, with all his remaining possessions inside. He sat down on an empty seat near a small window. The transport shook slightly and moved away from Jaden’s only family. The only family he ever knew. Now he would be living the exile life, trying not to come in contact with any of his Jedi companions. As the transport left Coruscant, Jaden decided where he would go next. He would go into the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim, somewhere where he wouldn’t be recognised.

“Attention passengers!” The pilot announced over the transport, “The Harbinger will be docking at the desert Planet of Tatooine! If you plan to leave here, please don’t leave any of your belongings behind and prepare to leave.”

Tatooine. The perfect place for an exile to start. The only thing Jaden wondered was what he was going to do once he arrived.
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