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The Sky Eagle landed on Tatooine, a little before the usual tourist shuttle came in. The loading ramp opened and outside of it came a man and a woman. The woman came in a tan sleeveless shirt and pants with brown shoes. Her torso was covered by a tan mantle. About the man, all people could see was brown sleeve-like pants and brown boots. The torso was covered with a green mantle, but this one had a hood. He pulled it down, revealing his short spiky blonde hair and blue eyes.

"So, where are we going Ewan?" She asked him.

"I'd like a cantina right now Amber, you in?" Ewan asked her.

"Sure," She answered Ewan, envolving her arm around his, following him to the Cantina.

((Off-topic: Ewan's outfit is like Zayne's from the KOTOR comics, and Amber's like Padmé's on Mustafar. Just thought i should clear that out.))
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