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The memory of his exile still flashed in Jaden’s mind. The Jedi Temple stood before him, as the Jedi Master, Jorran Corral and the soldier, Carth Onasi, had escorted him.

“I can’t do this.” Jaden told them both.

“Don’t fear my young Jedi friend,” Jorran told Jaden, “I myself have been through the worst of times. Times of the war with Exar Kun, but that is another story.”

“Perhaps the Jedi will let you stay with them.” Carth told Jaden.

“I doubt it,” Jaden told him, “The Jedi sometimes can’t forgive the crimes that their own apprentices had done.”

Jaden turned to walk towards the Jedi Temple.

“Good luck!” Both Jorran and Carth shouted from behind.

Jaden didn’t reply. He just wanted to get this over with.


The winding corridors soon led Jaden to the council room. The Jedi Council included five Jedi Masters. Master Vrook, a grumpy old Jedi Master who was always there to criticise the padawans. Master Vash was one of the only female masters on the Jedi Council, the other being Master Atris. The other two Jedi Masters were Zez-Kai Ell and Jaden’s own master, Master Kavar. The trial began.

“Do you know why we have called you here?” Master Vrook asked, a tone of impatience in his voice.

Jaden sighed. He felt weak, being interrogated by the Jedi Masters. Now he knew how prisoners felt if a Jedi was interrogated.

“You have called me to answer for my crimes on Malachor V.” Jaden admitted, feeling ashmed.

"As Revan summoned you, so have you come full circle to return to the Jedi.” Master Kavar continued.

Jaden didn’t know what that meant, but didn’t ask any questions, since he thought it would make him feel even guiltier.

"Why did you defy us?” Master Zez-Kai Ell asked, “The Jedi are guardians of the peace and have been for centuries. This call to war undermines all that we have worked for.”

“Is Revan your master now?” Master Atris asked, who like Vrook, had a tone of impatience in her voice, “Or is it the horror you wrought at Malachor that has caused you to see the truth at last?”

“I realise that following Revan to war was in violation of the Jedi Code,” Jaden told them all, trying to remain as calm as possible, “And I broke it, knowingly defying the wishes of the Jedi Council.”

“You refuse to hear us,” Master Zez-Kai Ell told Jaden, “You have shut us out, and so have shut yourself to the galaxy. Know that there is no turning back from this judgment. It is good you recognize this. It means you will understand why you must leave us. We feel that your true understanding of what happened at Malachor V will only happen in time. And it cannot happen here, near the battlegrounds where you fought.”

Why I must leave them? Jaden thought, it can’t be. I’ll be exiled I just know it.

“You are exiled, and you are a Jedi no longer.” Master Vash told Jaden, speaking for the first time, since the trial began.

There is one last thing.” Master Vrook told Jaden.

Oh great, I knew there would be something. Jaden thought.

“Your Lightsaber. Surrender it to us.” Master Vrook continued.

Jaden hung his head in shame and reached for his Lightsaber. He took one last look at it, before igniting it, revealing its blue blade and before thrusting it into the stone. Without turning to look at the Jedi Masters, Jaden turned and walked away.


The Jedi Temple doors opened and Jaden walked out, not prepared to do anything. Carth ran up towards Jaden.

“How did it go?” He asked.

Jaden didn’t say anything. He still felt shocked from his trial.

“Leave the poor boy alone,” Jorran told Carth, “He has been exiled, I can sense it.”

“Why don’t we talk to the Jedi Council and see if they will allow him back?” Carth asked.

“In time, they will,” Jorran told him, “Things like this pass in time. But not now, not while they still fear for his life.”

Jaden turned to his old friends.

“I will take a transport and leave Republic space,” Jaden told them, “Perhaps I will have a more successful life out there then the life I spent here, learning the ways of the Jedi.”

“Jaden, please don’t do this,” Carth told him.

“I have no choice,” Jaden told him, “The Jedi are no longer my life. I need to find myself a new life and I can only do that if I leave.”

“Well if you’re sure,” Jorran told him, “Carth and I shall be leaving now. Carth go on ahead, I need to talk to Jaden alone.”

Jorran walked towards Jaden and placed his hand on Jaden’s shoulder.

“It is has been great telling you stories and teaching you,” He told Jaden, “Know this. Know that the fate of your future will be your new adventure. I hope to see you again.”

“Thank you Master Corral.” Jaden told him.

“Oh please, just call me Jorran.” Jorran told him, laughing, before walking off.


“We’ve arrived at Tatooine!” The pilot shouted, “Remember if you want to get off here, please get your belongings and pay up here.”

Jaden picked up his suitcase and walked towards the pilot. He handed him one hundred Credits and got off the transport ship. He had been dropped off at Anchorhead. It was an establishing mining facility, but it did have several places of work and housing. A new life. A new life to live out.
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