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Gilrath walked out of the small canteen and sat down in his full Mandalorian armour returning the evil looks people were giving him as if he had killed thousands of people. If only they new I havn't been around for the madalorain wars... He thought to himself.
Gilrath thought back to all those years ago when he was Exiled after his Master was brutaly muredewred and he was blamed by the council. He sat there infront of the canteen when suddenly he heard a small beep come from his comunicatoir and he got up and headed to a small alleyway.

" Yes?" Gilrath said into the communictor but all he got in response was more beeping and bzzing and then finnaly a clear voice.

" This isss Ricksss servantsss Bavarsss," the voice said and then there was mall buzzing and bleeping.

" And what is it my brother wants now?" Gilrath asked waiting for the buzzing and beeping to stop.

" Yousss owe himsss a favourssssss," The voice replied and then the comunicator when back to the buzzing and bleeping.

" Look im not killing any more Jedi I was once one aswell, " Gilrath spoke into the communicator then looked around to check no one was listening in on his conversation.

" Yousss willssss killsssss the Jedi Jadensssss or youssss willssss be kiledssssss." The hissing voice replied again Gilrath cut out the comunicator then looked around him.

" What are you doing here Ali," he said to himself as he walked out of the Alley way and looked at the onscreen information that started opear on his helmet with detail on Jaden.

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