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Welcome to the fourth weekly update. Once again we will start off with the staff changes:

Dr. Knickers-rigger
Dark Trinity-mapper

We have been getting some complaints about the site never being updated and being hard to avigate, so we are making a new one. This time we will be using good forums, so the current forums will not be up long. When we have them up, the current board will go offline with instructions of how to get to the new ones, so we are hoping for a smooth transition.

Why should you care about new forums?:
-Upload feature will work
-PM's will get there on time
-We will be able to have some very nice new features

The forums should be up very soon. The site, not so soon.

I have been working on coding some new features for the mod, but those are still in early stages of development so they must wait for another time. Instead, here is an "ingame" pics:

TIE Interceptor skin done by Dr. Knickers.

Please keep in mind that is not the dreadnaughts actual skin.

now, we have a render:

And we will finish it off with Voss Parck, Empire of the Hand major hero:

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