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“Die you vile beasts!” Gresta ‘Morsalee shouted as he brought his blade down on the skull of the 25th creature to attack him since he had left Anchorhead an hour ago. He was now being attack by a pack of Wraids. The creature’s body thrashed about for a moment after its skull was caved in, and then went still.

A screech of rage came from one of the Wraids and it charged foreword. ‘Morsalee dodged and brought his blade down on the neck of the Wraid, severing its head from its body. The other Wraids then began to circle him and take snaps at him. “Your deaths will be quick and painless.” He said to the Wraids as they closed in on him.


Truth walked into the cantina in Anchorhead and saw his target. Or more specifically to say, his target’s force aura, since Truth was a Miraluka. The target looked a bit nervous. Truth was silent as he walked up behind the target and then he snapped his targets neck with ease. The cantina went silent for a moment, and then it went back to usual. People dieing in there was usual. The target was either stupid or brave for coming here.

Truth searched his target and found what he was looking for: A data chip with all of a certain Hutt’s dealings, with interesting side affects if in the right hands. Truth then felt something… odd. He wasn’t sure what is was, it just stood out from the rest of the planet. He pushed the feeling to the back of his mind and left the cantina. This was not the time for thinking about something irrelevant to the objective.
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