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Yeah, it just looks slightly better, but still. Even though they could have done tons better, I want to have the best quality digital version of the original original trilogy, so that cinches it for me (even if I'm just paying into Lucas's money machine! But I'm definately not getting any 30th anniversary crap, that'll be purely netflix fodder if/when the time comes).

They say there's some scratches and some artifacting (when you freeze frame... not flaws in the actual film but flaws created by the Dolby Noise Reduction done to the laser disc masters which weren't corrected), but it's supposedly to be hardly noticably when you watch.

You can definately make out the film grain in this version, but it doesn't quite look so overly sharpened as Episode I was. The other versions seem a bit too fuzzy, and you lose detail, even if it appears smoother.

The other great thing is, you know fans will take this version and use it to create even better fan edits!

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