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Originally Posted by Chase Windu
Well, if any of you ladies do want the 1992-'95 versions just look around on the net for the laserdisc rips because thats where I, I mean a friend of mine, got them and put them on DVDs.

C-3PO doesn't give the 7 locations thing. They just say something about the main power station or something like that. I'm too lazy to check for the engine/music thing but if I were you, kurgan, I wouldn't really worry about the force theme thing since everything else seems to be original.
I think it's safe to say it's there, given all the other pieces are in place. It was only removed on the English/Spanish tracks in 2004 as a "deliberate creative decision," after all!

You just gave me a mental picture of a bunch of old grannies sitting around the couch watching Star Wars and knitting (perhaps knitting little yoda jammies).

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