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Ewan and Amber entered in a Cantina, it was a Tarisian Style one.

"What do you say about this one?" He asked her.

"Can be," She told him, kissing in the cheek.

They made their way inside. It was blue-coloroued, to their amazement. They sat down and a waitress quickly made their way there.

"Welcome to the Taris Home Cantina. How may i serve you?" She asked.

"We'd both like a Tarisian Ale and to accompany it, a Naboo Sheep Cheese Sandwhich please," Ewan politely told her as she wrote it down. She bowed, and while doing that, accidentally noticed Ewan's lightsaber. She got a curious look on her eyes, and walked to the bartender, and whispered something to his ears.

"I have a bad feeling about this Amber. Ready your blasters," He told her as she nodded.
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