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Gelrath heard the waiteress talking to her boss about to jedi and smirked he got up and finished his Tarasian Ale and left through a back door and then to a small hut out back. The oss of the cantikna had alowed Gelrath to stay their for a a few weeks now and Gelr ath thought it was time removed his suit. As he did he renembered back to when he first got the suit of armour.

" Sir!" A young recruit shouted at Ali just as a explosion was heard just ahead in the Jungles of Dxun Ali turned round and looked at the recruit who seemed to be shakin like as much as a paint shaker.
"What is recruit?" Ali asked put his hand on the recruit shoulder the recruit relaxed a bit more then began to tell him of the advancing madalorian troops.
"Ok soldier let get ready for this" Ali said as he activated his green Lightsaber and advanced towards the charging madalorains the skirmich was going good until suddenly out of no where a mandalorian in black armour apeared out of know where Ali had just killed one of the elite troops and just before he was blasted in the back by the black madalorian he pick up the dead bodied and used it as a shield thats when he decided that maybe the mandlorain armour would have its uses so he kept it and has ever since been using it for disguise

ALi got into his grey Robes and the walked back into the cantina with his lightsaber attached to his belt.
Im fed of my brother asking me to kill Jedi and I know longer will. Ali said out loud to all the force users through force with out relising.
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