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Ewan was eating his sandwhich while Amber drank her ale, both looking for suspicious looks. She noticed a man behind Ewan nodding to a woman behind Amber which Ewan noticed, both with a grin. Ewan got his ale and started drinking. Some seconds later, the man took out two blasters, as did the woman. Amber had her hand in the hilt of her Vibrosword, and Ewan in his Lightsaber. Then, Ewan nodded, they both let go of their drinks and turned around, lightsaber ignited and Vibrosword taken out, both at front of their foes' throat.

"Alright, what is your business with us?" Ewan asked the man.

"You're a Jedi, aren't you? You filthy beasts are ruining the Republic, you're going to destroy it, Revan is going to do that!" He shouted.

"What is going on here?!" The bartender shouted, "No fights in the cantina!"

Ewan deactivated his saber. The man, not worthy of trust, shot repeatdly, aiming at Amber's back, but Ewan quickly ignited his saber again, deflected the shots and cut his hands off. The man screamed in pain.

"Next time, don't try to arm confusion and never, but NEVER try to shoot my girlfriend," He smiled. The woman shouted and simply ran off.
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