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Strider led them on board to the Ragnarok. He sent a mental message to the other two Hunters to head back. He waited at the bottom of the entry ramp for them to arrive, let them go up, and was the last one to board the ship behind the others, making sure they left none behind.

As he boarded the ship, he remained quiet. His mind was on something, as all the others could tell.

Katherine looked at Strider, then to the other Hunters. She speculated that Strider was bothered by missing his chance to duel Tepe, but wasn't too sure. Strider turned and looked directly at her, his eyes clearly denying her thoughts, but not in a harsh rejective manner, but as a reassurance that is not what is present on his mind. Katherine nodded, quite used to Strider's cryptic nature when it came to what he was thinking about.

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