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'You did very well, my friend. I could feel you coming closer but you put it aside. I am very honored to know someone like you. It is very unfortunate that you must be on the other side' Tepe's voice rang in strider's head and this time not only did he send an image, but an image of himself bowing to him in slight awe of the Sith Hunter. Then the connection broke as the Sith Fleet left hyperspace infront of them but just went past the Ragnarok like it wasn't there or unimportant to them. Once the Ragnarok had left the planet's orbit, the sith Battleship, the Interdictor and the Sphere left for space with everyone aboard, including the Dark Lord and his apprentice. Once the ships had joined the fleet, another fleet entered the system and started the landing on Ruusan to take control of it. Charna's fleet entered hyperspace shortly after the landing had began.


Darth Tepe watched at the passing stars on the bridge of the Battleship. He still wore his armor and wouldn't change it for anything else for some time, as he would be joining the battlefield and wouldn't want to die from a lucky shot by a Kaminoan. He turned to his apprentice and smiled.

"I can sence you have many question you need answers to. I hope I can be to your assistance. First of all you were chosen because you are an individual who wants to go to places. I knew you could not resist the chair left to my throne and neither could Kaoin when he joined me in my plans of pitting ourselves against the Republic when it's at it's weakest" he said and nodded to her. He waited for her questions to come pouring out if she had any he could answer.


When Kaoin entered the space near Kamino, the connections beeped open as his second-in-command of the fleet contacted them. He saluted him and the others on the ship while a squadron of fighters left a nearby carrier to escort the Sith's ship.

"Good day, sire! Welcome to Kamino. The situation is currently slightly aginst us but after we get the heavier weaponry down there we will tip the balance to our sides. The enemy fighters are currently disturbing the landing but our squadrons should be able to knock the enemies from the skies. I welcome you onboard to meet our Prime Clone, sire" he said, bowed and cut the connection as the shuttle was heading swiftly for the hangars of the battleship.

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