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[TSL] Broken Bottle

Darth Insidious' Broken Bottle

------------- - Alas, poor PCGM; I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite unreliability, of most execrable fickleness...

Download from DeadlyStream


Bludgeoning Damage Bonus +2
On Hit Attribute Damage Constitution DC10
Attack Penalty -1
Attribute Penalty Dexterity -10
Decreased Skill Modifier Awareness -2
Reduced Saving Throws Reflex -4

To get in game type "di_bottle1" into the console, without the quotes.

A crude weapon, for a more uncivilised age, the broken bottle has been the prize weapon of drunks throughout the galaxy for millennia.

The preferred weapon of the Pot-Iid Monks, who practice the ancient martial art of Drun-K'fu,
in the right hands it can be a devastating weapon.

Place all the items in the .zip, barring "screens.jpg", and this file into the Override folder in your SWKotOR2 folder.

Remove the aforementioned files.

Thanks to:
Darth333 for her scripting advice and tutorials,
T7Nowhere for his modelling tutorial,
The kind members of Holowan Labs,
LucasArts, Obsidian Entertainmentt and Bioware, for their truly brilliant Knights of the Old Republic franchise.
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