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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
A middle aged man walked into his backalley home in the streets of Tatooine. He pulled out a bottle of liquor and sat down at his kitchen table. Stretching out his arms after a hard days work mining in the dunes. Before he could take a sip of his drink, a wire wrapped around his neck and began to strangle him. He tried to resist, but another two men held him down in his chair. Another man sat down in the chair opposite him. Even with his white hair, he still looked like a shadowy figure.

"I hope you were not beginning to think we would not find you Kellas." Durz said nonchalantly. He reached across the table to and ripped open his shirt, revealing a necklace with a datachip attached to it. Durz ripped it off and examined it. "Exchange business contacts, smuggling routes, could have done a lot of damage with this." He said as he snapped the datachip in half and pocketed the pieces. He then signaled for his men to release Kellas.

Kellas fell to the ground struggling madly to catch his breath. When he looked up, all he saw was the barrel of a silver blaster pistol, a flash of red, then nothing.
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