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dialog.tlk size error on un-modded game?


Newbie to Kotor2, only having just finished patched (v 1.0b), but un-modded installation on Windows XP.
on my second attempt at the game (I've only got one savegame so far (am on Peragus at the T3 section) from this run, excluding the autosave and the quicksave), I fetched a copy of the savegame editor v3.3.3 today (16 Sep 2006), but when attempting to install the editor, I got the error message about the dialog.tlk file size error, referencing spells.2da).

I checked the troubleshooting thread and tried to follow its instructions:
attempt to re-install, which results in same error
attempted to look for spells.2da in savegames, but no such file exists (globalvars.res, partytable.res, savegame.sav, savenfo.res, and screen.tga are all that exist in each savegame)

Since I have never attempted any mods (no installing or attempts at installing), the caution about un-installing a mod would seem to be inapplicable...?

Thanks in advance for advice.

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