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Chapter Two

"We have just made the jump to lightspeed" announced Atton "You may now do whatever you damn well please." Bastila, who was rather tired, began to get ready for a needed sleep. Revan walked into her room "You look so beautiful."

"Is that because, I still love you?" asked Bastila.

"No... It's because I still love you." answered Revan.

"So you will grace me with compliments every hour?"

"Yes, pretty much... Beautiful."

Both laughed "You're looking good yourself, handsome." Bastila walked over to Revan and kissed him and Revan ran his hand down her smooth face "I love it when you do that" Bastila pointed out "May you sleep with me tonight? I know we're in space, but I still feel paranoid."

"I'll do anything for you." replied Revan.

"Thank you." said Bastila with a large grin. Revan and Bastila crawled into the bunk and kept close through the night.

Revan had a vision of what was to come on Dantooine through his sleep and woke up very quickly. Revan left the bunk and waited near the cockpit. "Do you think Vrook is still alive?" Revan asked Jaden.

"Yes Revan, I think he has a lot more years on him." Jaden answered. Bastila followed Revan into the cockpit "What is it?" she asked.

"I had a vision of things that might pass on Dantooine... The finding of Vrook, the residents banding together to help us, Dustil finiding his saber crystals... "

"I feel there's something you're not telling me." observed Bastila.

"There was one more portion..." continued Revan.

"You can tell me."

"It was about you... you..." Revan took a deep breath "Dying... to a lightsaber." Revan finished.

"You don't know that." Bastila replied.

"You're right... I don't." Revan quickly hugged Bastila "I will not lose you... to the Dark Side or death." vowed Revan.

"I believe you truly mean what you say." replied Bastila. Revan then kissed her forehead.

"We're coming up on Dantooine" announced Atton "We'll be landing at Khoonda Spaceport."

"We can ask the administrator for information regarding Vrook." suggested Jaden.

"That sounds like a good idea." commented Brianna.

"Dustil and I would like to venture on our own for educational puposes." told Visas.

"Yes you can." replied Revan.

"Thank you."

"No problem, Dustil"

"Hang on, we're going to land." told Mira.

Everyone walked off the loading ramp, Visas and Dustil headed left while everyone else headed for the administration building. Jaden led the way as for he helped the people of Khoonda two years ago. "Hello, do you remember me?" asked Jaden.

"How can I forget, Jaden Page." replied the administrator.

"We're looking for Vrook, we need his help. We need some information on his whereabouts. Can you help us?" Jaden asked.

"I think I remember him telling me about journeying to the sub-levels of the acadamy, you can find him there."

"What can we expect in the sub-levels?" asked Revan.

"Deadly creatures... Kath Hounds and Krinarths... But Vrook might've went for something different, he said it was very important." explained the administrator. Revan turned his head in Bastila's directoin and stared at her with a worried face. "Excuse me, but have you been to Dantooine before?" asked the administrator.

"It's been seven years ma'am." answered Revan.

"Oh... Well welcome back."

"Thank you."

"Ugghh... My head feels tingly" told Dustil.

"It will happen in a crystal cave." reminded Visas "This is the place where you will get the first pieces of your lightsaber... Search the clusters" Dustil searched the crystal cluster to find a rather large translucent crystal. "Ahhhh, this crystal has reacted to you... It would be of good use as a focusing crystal." suggested Visas.

"I will."

"First, before permitting you to search any further, you must tell me which Sith class you chose on Korriban." ordered Visas "Was it: Warrior, Alcolyte, or Disciple?"

"I chose Warrior." answered Dustil.

"Then you would be most suitable for a Jedi Guardian, look for a blue crystal in those clusters." told Visas.

"Excuse me master... what happened to your eyes? Why do you cover them?" asked Dustil.

"Focus on the task at hand." told Visas "We will talk about this on the Ebon Hawk.

Revan and his company entered the sub-levels of the ruined acadamy. The Force getting stronger, with every step. "I have a bad feeling about this." Atton pointed out.

"Calm... calm down Atton." told Mical.

"Atton's right, I too have a bad feeling about this." told Revan. The company continued to walk the sub-levels, until they came across a locked door. "Vrook is beyond... this door." said Bastila as she pointed to the door beside her "Revan, if you please." Revan stood beside Bastila and together they opened that locked door. Beyond that door they found Master Vrook Lamar and Master Vandar Tokare inside ray shields. "You shouldn't have come." warned Vrook.

"Why?" asked Revan. Moments later, beings appeared from worn out stealth field generators. "You're a hard man to find, Revan." said a horned being.

"What do you want with me? Who are you?" asked Revan.

"My name is Gan Ragnos... but you can call me Darth Malus... Grandson of Marka Ragnos." he answered.

"But you didn't answer my question yet."

"Oh yes, my apologies... I want you... to be my apprentice." answered Malus.

"I vowed never to embrace the Dark Side again... I wont join you." Revan declined.

"Then you will have to die." Malus said with a smile.

"If you have intentions of killing him, then you will have to kill me too." Bastila declared.

"Good... more of a challange." Malus waved his hand and everyone but Revan and Bastila frose in their tracks. Revan put on his battle mask and ignited his blue lightsabers, Bastila removed her cloak and igniter her yellow doublesaber, Malus ignited is two doublesabers "Intimidated yet?" taunted Malus, Revan and Bastila didn't answer. The three entered a fierce lightsaber duel. Malus kicked Revan's neck and Revan was immobilized, giving Malus the upper hand on Bastila. Bastila fought well, but she was stabbed in the thigh. Malus attempted to deal the killing strike, but his blows were blocked by a now mobile Revan."You keep coming, don't you?" asked Malus.

"You should've killed me." repled Revan.

"That can be arranged."

"Oh no" Revan then cracked Malus in the face with his elbow and sliced his arm off. "You may have one this time, Jedi scum, but you will lose next time." Malus disappeared and escaped. Revan then ran over to Bastila to help her to her feet. "Are you okay?" asked Revan.

"I'll live, thanks to you." replied Bastila with a kiss. Everyone regained conciousness and saw to either Revan and Bastila or Vrook and Vandar.

Jaden released Vandar and Vrook. "Why have you come back, Revan?" asked Vrook.

"We are going to rebuild the Jedi order, and we would like you to run the acadamy on Dantooine" answered Revan removing his mask.

"We will need to do a lot of searching for Force Adempts." explained Vrook.

"We knew what we were getting ourselves into." replied Revan.

"We will stay and watch over Dantooine, you find new initiates." told Vandar.

"Will you need help in rebuilding the acadamy?" asked Bao-Dur.

"No thank you." answered Vandar.

"Are you able to walk?" asked Revan.

"I have a bad limp for the time being." aswered Bastila.

"I'll help you to the Ebon Hawk." offered Revan.

"Thank you." Bastila placed her arm on Revan's shoulder and Revan helped Bastila to the Ebon Hawk. Revan brought Bastila to a bunk on the Ebon Hawk and sat her down. Revan then stationed his hand over Bastils's wound. In a matter of seconds, Bastila's wound was quickly replaced by skin. Revan then tore off a peice of his robe and covered that area. Dustil and Visas returned to the Ebon Hawk a shorly after. "Bao-Dur: Visas tells me that you can help me build a lightsaber." told Dustil.

"Yes I can." answered Bao-Dur.

"Can you help me build one?"

"You will have to have the proper pieces. You will have one in time."

"Okay." Dustil then found Visas on the ship "You said you'd tell what happened to your eyes."

"Yes I did." replied Visas "They were torn out... By a Sith Lord called Darth Nihilus: The Lord of Hunger, who was killed at the hands of Jaden."

"Ouch! I'm sorry."

"For what? It's in the past."

Revan walked to the cockpit. "I see the people have already started rebuilding the acadamy." observed Revan.

"We should go back to Coruscant and tell Admiral Onasi of this attack." suggested Jaden.

"I agree." replied Revan.

"Coruscant it is." said Atton "Everyone hang on."

The Ebon Hawk then made the jump to lightspeed.

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