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Chapter Three

Bastila woke up to find Revan sitting right beside her. "How did you sleep?" asked Bastila.

"I had another vision." Revan answered.

"Are we going to face more Sith?" asked Bastila.

"I just saw the Temple halfway done." replied Revan.

"That's wonderful news." replied Bastila "While we're on Coruscant, I would like to visit my mother, will you please come with me?"

"I'll do anything for you." answerd Revan.

"That's why I love you." replied Bastila.

"How's your leg?" asked Revan.

"You did a good job, Revan... It's fine." Bastila replied.

"You know that I'll always have that concern for you." Revan pointed out.

"And you know that I'll love you to the end." Bastila added. Bastila kissed Revan, stroking her hand through his hair, Revan stroking his hand down Bastila's arm. Bastila then locked her leg around Revan's back and continued on. Jaden who happened to be passing by noticed them kissing. Jaden then shut the door, he walked of smiling, he was happy for them. "Did they finally get a room?" asked Mira.

"Their room is off limits for the time being." ordered Jaden.

"They're not-" Atton began.

"They are." Jaden finished. Atton shiverred.

Dustil was training to a saber remote, but was getting hit every time. "Your eyes can decieve you, Dustil... You shouldn't trust them."

Visas waved her hand and Dustil's eyesight dimmed. "What've you done?" asked Dustil.

"Trust the Force instead of your sight." told Visas. Dustil raised his saber one last time and blocked every blast. "There you go." congratulated Visas.

"Thank you master... Here's your saber back." thanked Dustil giving Visas her lightsaber back. Revan and Bastila walked out of their room and to the cockpit "HEY, THE LOVEBIRDS ARE DONE" yelled Atton. Atton and Mira cheered.

Revan laughed. "We're coming down on Coruscant, looks like your friend built a hangar." observed Atton.

"That's good news." replied Revan.

The Ebon Hawk landed in the new hangar everyone came down off the loading ramp. "Jaden, can you fill Carth in on the attack on Dantooine?" asked Revan.

"Yes, but why?" asked Jaden.

"Bastila wants to visit her mother and she wants me to come with her." answered Revan.

"Then by all means sure." told Jaden.

Revan walked over to Bastila "Honey, we will take one of these air speeders to visit your mother." explained Revan.

"Okay." replied Bastila with a large frown.

"Darling, what's wrong?" asked Revan.

"I don't know if she will be okay... Has her sickness worsened? I don't know..." answered Bastila.

Revan felt increasingly remorseful for his love "Come... There's only one way to find out... And that way is seeing it for ourselves." explained Revan.

"I guess your right." Bastila replied, climbing in the airspeeder with Revan.

Jaden found Carth "Carth, we have started rebuilding the acadamy on Dantooine... But we were attacked by a Sith Lord named Darth Malus The Great." Jaden explained.

"Did anyone die?" asked Carth.

"He wounded Bastila... But Revan took his arm." answered Jaden.

"Is Bastila okay?

"Bastila is okay, thanks to Revan."

"That man always looks out for her."

"She's lucky Revan loves her... She's lucky he looks out for her... I sense pain within her."

"Bastila... Your mother is going to be fine." said Revan trying to comfort her. He then realized that words wasn't doing anything... Revan grasped her hand and kissed it. "I know that you're trying to help... I thank you Revan... I really do." remarked Bastila. She felt increasingly sad and she started whimpering. Revan sighed. "We're incoming on the hospital." announced Revan. Revan and Bastila walked into the hospital, Revan holding Bastila close. "Excuse us?" Bastila asked to the receptionist. The receptionist looked up at Bastila. "Is there a patient here by the name of Helena Shan?" asked Bastila.

"Just let me check." requested the receptionist. The receptionist searched through her files and found Helena Shan's visit record. "I'm sorry to say that Helena Shan is deceased." apologized the receptionist.

"Bastila, I'm sorry." Revan apologized. Bastila began to sob. She lay her head on Revan's chest to hide her tears from everyone else. "I'm so sorry Bastila." Revan escorted Bastila back to the Jedi airspeeder and flew back to the temple.

When they landed at the temple Revan escorted Bastila back onto the Ebon Hawk where she can be alone for the time being. But before Revan got onto the loading ramp they were found by HK. "Statement: Master it-" HK began.

"HK, this isn't a good time... Something terrible happened to Bastila."

"Query: Did you two suck lips the whole time?" HK asked.


"Statement: As you desire master, signing off."

Revan walked away from the Ebon Hawk "If you want to make yourself useful, just stay away from Bastila for the time being... Her mother died."

"Statement: I now understand why you inturrupted me."

Revan and HK went to go find Carth and the others. "Statement: My most sincere apologies for your lover."

"Forgiven." replied Revan.

Carth had found Revan and HK "Is Bastila okay? What happened?" Carth asked hastily.

"Her mother died, Carth." explained Revan.

"That's horrible." Carth replied "I was told you were attacked on Dantooine, and I would like to come with you."

"You may." Revan accepted.

"Thank you. It would be good to be with my son again."

"He would be happy."

"Statement: Welcome back, Carth."

"Thank you HK."

Jaden then found Revan "I sensed pain within Bastila, is she alright?" asked Jaden.

"Her mother died." answered Revan.

"My apologies for her" told Jaden.

Back on the Ebon Hawk, Revan briefed everyone about who they were dealing with "His name is Gan Ragnos, grandson, and legitamate successor of Marka Ragnos. He claims to be the greatest Sith Lord since Exar Kun. He goes by Darth Malus: The Great, or just Darth Malus." explained Revan.

"Doesn't seem to great to me." replied Atton.

"Atton may be right." added Brianna "You did take his arm Revan."

"Do not underestimate the Sith... Do not forget I once was a Sith." warned Revan "Now we won't be looking for Malus right away. Our mission is to rebuild the Jedi Order. We will be searching for Force adepts across the galaxy."

"I'll stand with you to the end... My love." told Bastila.

"Like we haven't heard that before, Bastila."

"Go easy on her Mira, she's having a tough time."

"Warning: Do as he says or I'll gut you meatbag."

"HK." reminded Revan "Lets go." ordered Revan.

The Ebon Hawk made the jump to lightspeed and away from Coruscant.

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